Hey! I'm The Lonely Spaceman

Stargazer, Astronomer and Wanderer

For years I’ve gazed up at the stars in the night sky. A true fascinated stargazer you might say. 

Why? – well perhaps it seems to put the world in to perspective. Amogst the cosmos we are but spec of dust. A tiny blue dot, sailing meticuasly around a relatively ordinary star in a beautiful, yet standard, Galaxy.

Just by looking up in to the night sky, you’re looking at the only historic time machine known to mankind. Look at any star and you’re seeing what the star looked like a hundred, a thousand and sometimes tens of thousands of years ago.

Spot the humble yet majestic Andromeda Galaxy and you are looking at 2.5 million years of history in one glance.

Put in this way if there were life on a planet out there tonight travelling around their sun, like we do ours, but 100 million light years away – and if they had a ginourmous telescope capable of seeing right down to the living animals on our planet right now – tonight they would see the dinosaurs romaing around Earth!

There is also a comfort in knowing how consistent our skies are. The earliest ancestors would have seen the same patterns, same stars (give or take), same constellations and same planets. With all the technology changes here on Earth, the night sky stays stable. Always there for us, whenever we want to gaze and wonder – clouds willing of course!

At times stargazing can feel an isolated and lonely experience. We are often in our backyards or local dark sky sites alone but collectively we are a group. Traversing the night skies to the beauty she beholds.

Millions of people every night seeing the changing patterns that are so predictable we pretty much know how they will look in 100,000 years and more.

The Lonely Spaceman website has been created to help those new stargazers, the curious, the willing to learn and those wanting to further their study of the skies.

I aim to help you through. Help you understand the night sky in as clear a fashion as I can. I want to help give back to those looking to start in to the exciting world of stargazing as others have helped me in the past.

Hoping you have a wonderful life long hobby ahead.    

Clear Skies,

Lonely Spaceman


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